Fling Flour + whats next

So I have recently completed “Fling Flour,” which is available on both GameJolt and Kongregate. It originally started as my “I’m going to learn Unity!” game. I decided to make a silly simple game about a floursack, because having some limited formal training in animation has taught me to respect the floursack as a proving ground. Then I found out about the Game Dev World Championship and buckled down. I had to cut out some minor polish things (like particle effects) to meet the deadline, but it was actually kind of nice. Apart from jams (which are super rough projects, at least for me) I have not had a hard deadline since leaving school. It was good to prove to myself that I can still meet a deadline.

Moving forward, I am starting to gear up towards a bigger project. I will be making a couple smaller iterations of the project, working off the sage advice of Sarah Northway. (Who happens to be my personal example of what a reasonably successful and fulfilling game dev life is like.) The first iteration will probably be slower going than Fling Flour was, between taking time to fill out my knowledge of C# and moving/house repairs.


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