Shifting Focus

Near the end of 2016 I had a really good trajectory/ workflow going on my latest project, a crayon-aesthetic RPG. Then a bunch of life happened. Between job and moving related things, I got thrown way off flow. I never use my to-do lists that I was so proud of.

I’ve been struggling to get myself back into good habits, but it’s really hard. I put a lot of pressure on myself to have show-able things for twitter, and the stress makes me very distractible. On top of this, I am also trying to get into youtubing. In certain ways (speedpaints) it helps keep me on task, but editing is also a huge time-sink. I end up putting off working on videos because I feel guilty about not working on gamedev stuff.

There are also some related study projects that I haven’t carried over from before the move. I had started doing a painstaking mapping of Breath of Fire III. Since the crayon game and subsequent projects are going to use a very similar camera angle, I do need to get back to my level design study.

I realized today that I need to allow myself to switch focus for a while. I need to put more time into/ get back to the projects that I find more fulfilling presently. The crayon game is still a thing, its just going to be the side dish for a while. Mapping and youtube are probably going to be my main focuses going forward (and possibly crayon sketches? I don’t know yet)

I’m also still trying to figure out what to do with this site. I think for the meantime it will be a longer-winded counterpart to twitter.

Now I just need to replace the controller I lost and set up a cat-proof storage spot for my pad of very large graph paper.


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