BoF3 maps: Dauna Mines – childhood

Being the very first area in the game, Dauna seems to be mainly built for idle exploration so Legend
you can get used to the controls. The game starts you off on what is essentially a big circle, at the farthest point from the room’s exit. All battles are scripted and essentially unloseable. (if you get hit you auto-KO all enemies)
**note: Colors may not be totally consistent, as I use glitter pens and take photos of the maps. (The pages are too big for a home scanner)


One thing that jumped out at me right away is that the level design seems to be avoiding having two corners touch, even if they are on different heights. Here you can see the wood path where two corners appear to be touching, but that purple crystal actually has a collision preventing you from walking over that tile. There are definitely spots where two flat spaces of different heights sit next to each other. The thing they seem to be avoiding is specifically two walkable corners and two non-walkable corners arranged in a checker pattern (for lack of a better description)


The other thing I took note of was how the south (lower-left) and east (lower-right) walls tend to have simpler shapes. (at least when there is actually a wall shown, as opposed to when it just drops off into the void) This can be seen in the exit to the first room, where it appears that the room widens on each side of the doorway. In reality, there are hidden non-walkable slope tiles behind the south wall, causing the path to come straight out from the door. I believe this was done to avoid the player losing their character in hidden nooks and crannies. (especially this early in the game, when you are still getting used to navigating the world)


The level ends in that bit where the map just sort of trails off. There’s a cutscene and a small quicktime-event-ish bit on a separate unique scene. You are dropped into the Cedar Woods, which will be covered in the next post.


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