BoF3 maps: Cedar Woods – Childhood

While battle is not yet introduced the first time you see the Cedar woods, this will be the first area that spawns random encounters. As such, it is a big sprawling area with multiple scenes to explore.
**Note: the marked cutscene begins in the indicated spot, but ends by the beds inside Rei’s cabin. I did not want to mark one cutscene twice. It is before you are given control of Ryu.

The most noticeable difference between the Dauna Mines and the Cedar Woods is that the trees seem to be allowed to break the rule I observed in the last post, where two walkable tiles and two non-walkable tiles are never allowed to be in a checkerboard pattern. It’s possible either that because the trees are objects instead of walls it skirts some technical issue, or that this is a deliberate choice to differentiate how it feels navigating these two areas.


One thing that (if I remember correctly) is unique to Cedar Woods is the single-tile-wide path leading up to Rei’s cabin. The little thin bits that jut into walls are fairly common, but the parts leading to the cabin are something you have to traverse. This is also the first time we see houses being bigger on the inside than the outside (which is very common in RPGs of the era.)

You can exit to the world map at any of the marked points. The only other place to go is McNeil Village, which ill be covered in the next post. (The world map will be covered before a bottleneck point, where two world map scenes are separated by some sort of dungeon).


3 thoughts on “BoF3 maps: Cedar Woods – Childhood

  1. Did you leave out the Monster NPCs here on purpose because you just counted the cutscene for the first area? I see that in the first area after you cross the bridge there are only a few blocks you put on paper but there’s also the area behind the Goblin where you find the chest. Awesome blog BTW, this is my all time favorite game and the first RPG of my childhood. I am working as a 3D artist and this is what got me started, dreaming of remaking all the characters and the game’s world. I was searching for Dauna Mines map so I can accurately map it out so I found your blog! Great resource! I’ll link you when I’ll make a level, thinking of starting with the beginning.

  2. Those NPCs don’t seem to exist until after you get weapons, and I think you can’t even get to the spot(s) where they sit yet. I’m dreadfully behind on this project, got thrown trying to track an NPC walk path in McNiel village. They are more random than I thought. I really should get back into it, so thank you for commenting and reminding me! I probably would have forgotten about those guys after all these months if not for you.

  3. Hey, it’s my pleasure! Looking forward to more of your posts! No pressure of course, I’ll just be happy to read whenever! I do remember you could walk to the chest with Ryu in pajamas but it’s locked.
    Best wishes!

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