Creepy Nightmare Character

This is one of my under-drawings for the character that goes with my night and day bedroom backgrounds. The dream that I am translating into a game basically consisted of a creepy real life version of a character from a beloved childrens show bursting into my room wearing my favorite poncho and walking towards me with a really unsettling shuffle. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was bizarrely intense.



Day and Night Bedroom.

The two backgrounds for a simple flash game I’m working on during breaks from more urgent projects, which is based on a short and unpleasant dream I had last month. Night and day in the same bedroom.

Night Day

Low Poly Generic Character

A low poly character for a game jam I am working on. We are hoping to at least have at least a decent prototype done in time to submit to this months 1GAM (flags). The character was designed for both ease of rigging and modularity. Final tri count for this basic one is 1684.
connections proportions char

Muscly Hipster Dude

A muscly dude I am making so I will have at least one male character in my graduation portfolio. Anyone who knows me in person shouldn’t bat an eye at the loudness of his clothing. I have actually worn shorts very similar to these, many times. He actually has normals too!



Shaded the dress on my Outcast battle animation. Still need to clean up some wiggliness in the big shadow, but that will be for a later paSwing_pixel_3ss.


NPC Template Animations

The blank versions of the adults in a game I’ve been working on called “Princess”. Despite what the name suggests it is a slice-of-life game that takes place in a residential neighborhood. There are Idle and Walking animations for 5 moods.

Blank_J_Idle Blank_I_Walk Blank_I_Idle Blank_D_Walk Blank_D_Idle Blank_A_Walk Blank_A_Idle Blank_T_Walk Blank_T_Idle Blank_J_walk

Secret Frozen Kitten

Secret Frozen Kitten is a flash game that I made in conjunction with Nathan Ray. The game was created for the onegameamonth December jam, using all three of the optional themes, ‘secret,’ ‘frozen,’ and ‘kitten.’

Characters were based loosely on Inuit mythology: Nanook, the god of polar bears, and Pinga, the goddess of hunting, fertility, and the afterlife. Music was based on Inuit throat singing.

Outcast Attack animation (roughs)

I have been working on a new color palette and fight-scene animations for outcast. So far I have the roughs done for the main character swinging her staff. Her hair is a bit too heavy and the edge of the staff shifts in her grip a little bit, but I will fix these things in the pixelation stage.

swing_detail1a Swing_rough2a











Trisha revamped

I decided to make a slightly stylized second try to Trisha, starting with some basic sketches:
trisha_wing trisha_head trisha_body






and then box modeling, with 2 variations:

trisha_transformed trisha_human






The version with the wings is slightly skinnier, meant to suggest conservation of mass between her too forms. This will be reinforced texturally. The intent is for her to have hand-painted textures using custom brushpacks I’ve made and have her cell shaded.

Goo/Oil monster

The idle and death animations for the first of a variety of unique wiggly goo monsters that serve as one of the 3 types of obstacles the nautilus must navigate in order to explore the underwater cavern. It is entirely purple to denote that it is cleared with the purple ability (a laser beam).  This guy took a surprising amount of time to complete, but subsequent ones should go quicker now that I have the workflow down.

goo1A_Death goo1A_Idle